#MAW Project spaces

Shy Bairns

Shy Bairns Make Zines: Workshop

Erin Blamire // Eleanor Beth Haswell // Georgia Gibson // Izzy Kroese 

Shy Bairns is a multi-disciplinary collective specialising in DIY arts publications. They aim to gather Northern creatives together on one platform to showcase their works. Due to a lack of resources and funding, accessible northern gallery spaces are limited; Shy Bairns has therefore created a platform that does not rely on institutional support for the promotion of artists. Over the Weekender, Shy Bairns will work with artists and visitors to produce works about the North East. Artists involved will work in a range of mediums, including illustration, collage and textiles. Their aim is to interact with the public as much as possible to make a collaborative creative space. The work produced will then be edited and printed live by one of the team members. On Sunday the publication will be finalized and launched, showcasing the work and giving the public an opportunity to receive a copy.

Broken Grey Wires

Who wants flowers when you’re dead?

Lizz Brady // David Shrigley // Kirsty Harris // Paul Digby // David Sherry 

Broken Grey Wires is a contemporary art organisation responding to and exploring mental health, philosophy, psychology and everything in between. They work closely with the community, critically acclaimed artists and major institutions, to open up a dialogue and provide inspiration and opportunities for people with mental health difficulties. Renowned psychiatrist R.D Laing proclaimed that “Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through.”

Over the weekend, Broken Grey Wires will create a space for people to feel comfortable and participate in the project, for art to become a facilitator for recovery, and for Broken Grey Wires to encourage people to make something special for themselves.



Matt Antoniak

Slugtown is an off-site project run by members of the artist collective M I L K. Based in a residential property in Newcastle upon Tyne, Slugtown provides the opportunity of solo exhibitions for emerging and early-career artists. Slugtown is run by Matt Antoniak, James Hindle, Max Lee, Joe Shaw, Matt Wilkinson.

Matt Antoniak’s work broadly concerns the idea of identity. Working primarily in painting and drawing, Antoniak is interested in how identity can be constructed, distorted and warped – particularly in a post-internet world. Scans, photocopies and photographs are used and layered to create imagery that often distances the original reference material. For Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Antoniak will show a number of new paintings concerned with these ideas.

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© 2017 Middlesbrough Art Weekender All rights reserved.

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